Sunday, May 7, 2017


If you are planning a mid-winter trip to the Tongariro or a salt-water fly fishing trip to some exotic location learning to Double Haul for distance and handling windy days is just about essential.  I can teach you that quite easily.  One short lesson together with some practice on your part will ensure more enjoyment and less frustration on your chosen location
This method of fly fishing is really catching on now.  Long effortless casts and greater line control and effortlessly casting very heavy flies are just some on the many benefits of Spey Casting.  Learning how to do this can open new doors to your fly fishing, especially if you wish to fish the Tongariro or for salmon on our local rivers.  You can even apply these techniques to using your single handed rod.
These well proven two day classes have been run for nearly 30 years.  Many anglers currently fishing have started with these classes.  In two days you will learn what you might teach yourself in three years or more.  No equipment is needed as I provide that.  I also provide a 30 page book of notes and all morning and afternoon teas and lunches too.  The classes are limited to five students at a time so individual tuition is well provided.  This is not a fishing trip.  Things that are covered are, rod reel and fly-line selection, tapered leaders and tippets and how to assemble them, fly selection, basics of fly casting (two sessions), where to find the trout and why they are there, the influences of water temperature and barometric pressure and many other aspects too.  Bookings are essential as these classes are held on pre-determined dates.
Don’t hang up your rods just yet!  There is some pretty good winter fishing to be had.  Limited to one or two anglers per day and at a reduced rate to summer guiding.  Everything can be provided including rods and reels, waders and wading boots, flies and tippet materials, a sumptuous lunch and even a beer at the end of the day.  This would be well suited to someone visiting our city and finds themselves with a spare day on their hands
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